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There are four main features in our Enlightive Brand Monitoring;

Image Similarity

By useful method of Image Processing, we are able to search for the similar or identical marks.

Email Alert

Immediate notification once the similar or identical marks are found. This will help you plan the next move in order to protect your brand from the infringer(s).

Quick Report

Compose a report showing details about the similar or identical marks.

One click to take down (coming soon)

No fussy dossier and evidence preparation. Only one easy click to make the infringement stop.


How To Pay

There are four main payment steps in our Enlightive Brand Monitoring;


Order Trademark

Simply select a package and add your trademark details. You can add more “goods & service” by using “,” to separate your “goods & service”.


Order Info

Check if the correct purchases are selected. Our system will calculate your order.



Choose your preferred payment options. Either via Paypal or Bank Transfer. For bank transfer, please submit a remittance through your dashboard or email : contact@idgthailand.com.


Confirm Payment

An Order confirmation will be sent to your email.


Payment Gateway

Beneficiary’s Name : Intellectual Design Group Co., Ltd.

Krungthai Bank Ministry of Commerce Branch Account Number : 385-0-12246-8
  Kasikorn Bank Central Rattanathibet Branch Account Number : 029-1-68499-8
  The Siam Commercial Bank Phra Nangklao Bridge Branch Account Number : 323-2-71622-1

Prompt Pay Account: 0125556023131


Regular questions & answers are presented hear in the FAQs area

  • Who we are

    Intellectual Design Group Co., Ltd. or IDG is an innovation consulting firm dedicated to designing and protecting your products and brands. Our expert team of designers, intellectual property attorneys, and engineers can help you turn your ideas into the best products and services. We can also effectively help you protect and commercialize your intellectual properties.

  • What is Enlightive

    Enlightive embraces Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Technologies to achieve real-time access in Online infringement tracking, Customer behavior analytics data, Competitors business analysis and tendency of marketing strategy.

  • Why should I choose Enlightive to monitor my Brand

    To perfect your Brand, it’s not only to prevent any infringement but also to maintain the value of both the Brand and the Business. Enlightive, provided by IDG, will ensure a safe path of your Brand, delivering the most intellectual and innovation-driven solution, keeping your Brand monitored 24/7.

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Tel: (+66) 2011 7161

Email: contact@idgthailand.com